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Director's talk about the film... (English version)

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A production house born from the creative juices of a human brain that revolves around the 5 elements of the cosmos, giving to the world the 6th element of a vision that speaks the language of Cinema. Highly influenced by the World Cinema and its technicalities establishing itself with their very own- "DRAWING BLOOD". Film maker, Natraaj Maharshi a.k.a MAHA is about to bring a rare Indo-English film with a fresh-off -the boat concept for today's niche audience. The profound name in the South- Indian film industry is soon coming up with "Drawing Blood", his first feature film in English itself is a canvas in-making that portrays a flow of deep emotions through a story of an artist whose life revolves around the hunt for fulfilling petty desires that leads him to lose out on what he already had. Not to forget his brilliant work on "For U"(2007)- a Hindi short film based on true story of a tsunami victim that clad upon Tamil Nadu coasts during 26th December, 2004 won him plenty of accolades and utmost appreciation in metro cities like Kolkatta, Chennai, Hyderabad and Mumbai with theatrical release that grabbed a lot of eyes and newspapers talking about it. Following were shorts like "Shabd" (2007)- a Hindi short film giving out meaningful morale on a missing link between children and parents that was an initiative under an organization to create awareness on the communication gap in today's time. And his last (but not the least), "Godse loves Gandhism"(2010)- a short film in Telugu on the negative image embarked upon the name Godse, that prevents from accepting the person's spirit of Gandhism, had a nation wide release and was widely talked about.

Director's talk about the film... (Telugu version)

About Film

An English feature film depicting a 'colourless life of an artist' that revolves around the hunt for fulfilling petty desires that leads him to lose out on what he already had. The film is itself a canvas in-making that designs the flow of deep emotions that lead a story of an artist who loses himself in the process of hunting for emotions in himself that makes his life so colourless.

Q. This being your first feature film, what makes you choose a concept on an artist's life?

- As we look into life of painters/artists, they are free birds of imagination and creation and they tend to picture moments that they experience or envision onto their canvas. If unsatisfied with their paintings, they can erase them and re-make them. But they cannot design their own real life incidents nor can they erase them or dispose them as they wish just as with paintings. Though they make colourful paintings but many in real life many artists lead a pale life. Thus this thought triggered my mind and i tried understanding some artist's lives and i realized, that if they haven't felt or experienced "pain", they cannot make "paintings". Hence i decided to create- DRAWING BLOOD, a film based on a colourless life of a painter.

Q. Are you trying to spread a meaningful message through this story?

- I have not made this film to spread a certain message to the world or receive one. Cause PAINTING itself is a message. It is a language of expression, and speaks a thousand words with one. There is a strong relation between Life and Painting. And i believe in a saying : At birth your life is a plain canvas, Your potential is the colours,Your choices are the strokes on the canvas,At death, this canvas will either be a treasured masterpiece or an unnoticed scribbling. That would be the judgment day on how good a painter you were in painting your LIFE.

Q. Keeping the expectations and the demands of Indian cinema in mind, what reactions do you expect from the audience for a concept film like Drawing Blood?

- No matter how big or small budget film it may be, if the audience does not like it, it would be rejected. This film is made not only for Indian audience, but for world audience to reach out on a larger platform. And speaking of the concept, we are human beings and technology should not be dominating our feelings. In today's time, the gigantic influence of technology has made our mentality to be highly manipulative and robotic in nature. Due to this we are losing touch with our soulful senses. This concept is for every human being to re-discover the originality and the importance of emotions, feelings and values in only life we got.

Q. So why not implement a bigger star cast to present such a film to World cinema? <

-- My aim is to highlight the concept to the people, and would like to earn the credit based on the efforts put in with simplicity. That would not be possible with prominent film stars, or the focus would be lost. I auditioned many performers and actors for this script, but no one really tried to reach up to my expectations and my vision to play the lead character, Yogi. Hence, i took up the challenge and did it myself. The world cinema is more acceptable to fresh ideas and concepts, thus it matters more that the artists present the story well and do justice to the script.

> HOW DID DRAWING BLOOD HAPPEN? - By Maha (Director & Producer)

As India is celebrating 100 yrs of Cinema, is our Cinema industry truly making 100% good quality films??? The amount of importance given to having a STAR cast, the least is concentrated on good concept stories. Formula driven love stories, monotonous mass films, item numbers, is this the future development of Indian cinema that would provide to our further generations??
Once upon a time, there was the control of good technicians over the Indian Cinema, and now its laid under the foot of corporate biggies in terms of productions. Our entertainment strategies have erased the barricades between Commercial and Realistic film-making. By designing a good concept, how many years of penance does one have to do gain attention from a corporate support???
Since birth till now, i have seen plenty of internationally acclaimed good Indian Indie classic films throughout history. But i still would not understand as to - Why does the great Indian stories always portray the slavery, poverty, prostitution, the marital dark affairs, women objectification, violent corners of the societal issues,etc. Everytime?!
Why are internationally acclaiming Indie films by good Indian film makers not able to release their films in theaters in this country??? We live in such an age, where we give more time and importance to work, our gadgets such as smart phones, tablets, laptops, or even TV, etc. than over our emotions, relations, bonds, or expressing affection, etc. The world itself is an wonderful painting created by the greatest artist, the Almighty God.
There are millions of artists on this planet, and each artist has a hundred stories inside of him/her. At one time, the artist may die, but his/her art remains alive. Are all the artists/painters really living happily?!? I saw a few of their lives pretty closely, they create brilliant colourful paintings but their lives are colourless. If an artist does not like his work, he/she may easily erase it, correct it, or just remove it. But even if they wish , they cannot correct, redo or erase their incidents or memories in real life.
This very thought was made into a good concept story and named Drawing Blood, as i began working on it.
December 6th, 2012, we began the shoot of the film in Chennai, Tamil Nadu (India).
Now the film's first copy is ready.
Me and my crew members-
Bheema (DOP), Kartik (Colourist), Murugan (Editor), Ramsay (Background score), Ramkey (Sound Designer), Kasa (Art Director) and VaayuDhwani (Dialogue Writer) rode on a struggling journey for 10 months to complete this film. At the end we have content-fully reached here. It took me a lot of hard work and undue struggle to make this film. While i had no financier, nor am i a big producer. All i knew is that i believed in this film to happen, and with the love and support through my family, friends and well wishers i could make it this far. This film is made for everyone out there whom i wish to reach out and share it globally. But to fulfill that goal i need all the support that i can get from my dear artists,fans and people who are reading this.

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Presents: Shiv Dev
Film Name: Drawing Blood
Language: English
Genre: Drama
Duration: 1 hr 30mins
Maha, Subhiksha, Kona Mallik,
Siva Ganesh, Chennai Kanth
Story & Screenplay: Maha
Dialogues: VaayuDhwani
Executive Producers: Kona Mallik
Original Background score: Maha & Ramsay
Director of Photography: Bheema
Assistant Cameramen: Mahesh Haran,
Sanjeev Gumber Arora
Post Production: Colour Chambers
Studio: R V R
Art Director: Kasa Vinay
Publicity Designer: HYX6 Creations
Styling: Brahmani & Bhaagya Rekha
Make- up: Kaali Muthu
Producer: HYX6 Creations
Directed by: Maha